Enrico Pietracci – photographer and visual artist

Enrico Pietracci, born in Porto S. Giorgio (Italy), is graduated in stage design at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. He is living and working in Berlin since 1994.

The creative work of Enrico Pietracci represents the result of a long lasting study in developing a creative process, which is based on the experimental elaboration of an expressive form, created by the dynamic fusion between “performative” and “visual” art, by moving bodies and graphic-pictorial traces.

This “fusion” has led to the creation of a special esthetic, expressed in the immediacy of dynamic actions and implemented in the interaction between the visual artist and his subjects, which in this case are dancers and performers.

The photographic work “fluid bodies” represents the latest expression of this basic idea, already featured in numerous instant sketches, realized with the intention to fix the dynamic of the movement through time and space in present of dancers in action. The sketches also reveal the result of a long intuitive investigation, focused to center the dialoguing combination between the dynamic physicality and the expression of the clean graphic line, which finds its further development in the chromatic fullness of photography.

The current photographic work of Enrico Pietracci is still developing in different expressive directions, ranging from the staged photography, the street photography and the digital collage.

As a photographer he has participated in several personal and collective exhibitions in Germany and Italy.



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